About Me

Hi! My name is Victoria!

I am a professional adult wet nurse offering my precious, high-quality breast milk ONLY to generous, mature, considerate adults. I expect you to communicate with me in a respectful manner at all times, else you will be blocked (if not reported to other web sites for TOS violation). I have zero tolerance for any kind of indecent or abusive language or conduct.

My breast milk is available either fresh (never frozen), frozen, or direct from the source. I only ship frozen milk. I offer nursing sessions locally as well as across the US and select countries. I am producing about 80 oz daily. Please see my adult nursing section for details and rates. I cater ONLY to gentleman and ladies who can totally control/suppress all desire to act upon any sexual, sensual, erotic and/or dominating urges during a nursing session. Do NOT contact me if you are not fully capable in this regard.

Please make sure that you read all of my site sections before you contact me via pm/Kik/email. You will likely find the answers to all your question(s) within these sections, as well as my policies & procedures for scheduling a nursing session. Should you demonstrate the inability to follow these simple instructions, you will probably not receive a prompt response, if any, from me.

Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to hearing from you should you wish to order my breastmilk or schedule a nursing session. Please do not contact me otherwise. This site has been created only to connect with potential clients interested in purchasing my breast milk.

Happy Nursing!


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